Our best energy projects implemented in Grundfos Denmark with fully developed action plans and documented energy effect and a completely transparent payback period for each project (typically 1-4 years) 

NEW: Sectional Compressed Air Systems

Reduce your energy waste radically, by installing a low compressed air system in sections of the production

Idling Consumption

We lose about 50% of our total energy consumption in standby mode. And yes, that is also while production is running

Lubrication Systems

With demand driven lubrication we are reducing usage of oil, chemistry, water and sewage

Energy Recovery Units

Industrial part-washers with heated water often waste 70% or more of all the process energy directly into the ventilation systems

Machine Cooling

Reduction to 1/5 of the cooling water we are saving energy and eliminating our extended capacity requirements

The Energy Taskforce

Behind Energy Optimization In A Box you will find a dedicated team that has been working with high-end energy optimization for more than a decade.

They set entirely new standards for energy optimization  


NEW: How to Purchasing Compressor Systems with Energy Demands? 

Learn how to base your purchase on documented demands from your production, rather than datasheets from the manufacturer

Motors And Pumps

How to benefit from our world leading products in our own production – the potential for energy savings is huge

Accumulation Tanks

By utilizing wasted energy we are heating water for all the factories part washers – for free


Insulation is one of our most cost-effective energy optimizations on our production equipment and facilities

Compressed Air

Compressed air systems is one of the major energy sinners with a high energy loss at idling mode


What if, we could reach the point where our energy consumption never gets higher – even though production is still growing?

Sounds like a challenge?

At Grundfos Bjerringbro, this is already old news. The needle on our energy meter has dropped from an annual energy consumption of 110 GWh to 64 GWh. Despite the increasing production for this period, we have halved our energy consumption.

We did that with a demand-driven approach by only supplying the demanded energy and resources to our production equipment.

It takes a solid experience and an innovative mindset to implement energy optimization at this level.

So to scale our way of working with energy optimisation, we put our concepts in a box. In this way, we are, in short, able to train and help the entire Grundfos Denmark to optimize resources such as air pressure, cooling water, and electricity directly on the production equipment.


This is an internal project for Grundfos Danmark providing you with insights and inspiration for how we work with ENERGY OPTIMISATION IN A BOX

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