Every minute, tons of water are pumped through miles of pipelines from our centrally controlled refrigeration and pumping plant that supplies
production equipment with cooling to all corners of the factory 

But what do you do – when your pipes run out of capacity?

That sounds straightforward to most of us, right?

More capacity. More cooling.

With this simple approach, we are also facing a very costly project of expanding our pipelines and pumping capacity.

That challenged us to find a better solution

So instead of controlling the cooling effect traditionally,
solely with capacity, we would utilize the water much more efficiently by regulating the temperature of the return water.

We did that by installing simple thermostat-controlled valves at all our machines and selected machine groups.

Now, we can control each unit to make the most of the cooling water, and raise the total temperature of all the return water by 5-7 degrees.

This solution eliminates our expanded capacity demands – without replacing a single pipe